Friday, 8 January 2010

This is 2010.

So far a good start to the new decade, but then again it has only been about a week. This year feels like a good year though, a year to sort out some things. Get rid of any regrets I may have about past years.
If it's possible theres not alot I regret. There have been break ups, wrong descisions and some definate worry lines gained, but I guess I wouldn't be where I am now if everything that happened these past few years hadn't happened. Maybe I'd be a better person, maybe I'd be a worse person, but I like where I am with my life at the minute for the most part. There's just a few things I'd like for this year:
1. Get a reasonable job that won't intefere with uni, which hopefully would solve the money issue!
2. Reconnect with some people. I'm quite good at losing touch with people that I don't see very often, I'd like to change that.
3. Be healthier, fitter and like the way i look more! This I imagine is going to be a slight struggle. yay!
4. Once I'm more comfortable with the way I am, maybe find someone who would also maybe be comfortable with the way I am.
5. Do the things I would usually hesitate at, don't be so cynical and negative thinking that it might go horribly wrong. Just bloody well do it!
I may add some more things later but thats about the jist of it!
I'd also like to add, I don't know if its because of the new year/decade or if I'm just going insane, that I've been thinking alot lately about someone I used to know and get on with really well that I lost contact with. I think we could be great friends if I only took No. 5 into consideration! But theres an apprehension surrounding my thoughts that no ammount of mental shoving seems to be shifting. Maybe I've finally gone doo lally, or maybe its just something that I'm meant to do.