Monday, 18 October 2010

Tish 'the sex on legs' Scripps

The only person that seems to find my anger amusing! But she's about the only person thats allowed to laugh at me when I'm angry.
It's been a good 5 years. i wouldn't of changed a single one of them, not even if you made me a very rich woman, with the ability to destroy all tomato's.
Maybe its because she's always there for me, even when she's having a bad day herself. Or because she feels comfortable talking to me whilst she pee's!
But either way, I love you Tish Scripps, forever and always =]

There once was an ugly duckling.

But what happens when you're at the age when you're meant to be the swan... but still feel like the ugly duckling. Not in the sense you're thinking, I may not be the most glamorous or attractive woman in the world, but I guess I'm not an ugly duckling. More in the sense of growth I guess.
Nearly a year ago now I posted a list of things I wanted to achieve... have a achieved them?

1. I wanted a reasonable job, I have one! I suppose it's reasonable, if dominoes is reasonable. But at least its money!

2. I did some reconnecting over the summer, but not really the ammount I wanted to... dammit.

3. Definately no healthier or fitter... bloody fatty.

4. Still not that comfortable with who I am, I think I'm not really the same person I was a year ago, still not that much better of a person though.

5. Still negative and cynical. fuck.

There are a couple of new things though, not that anyone actually reads this bloody thing. I happen to be in love, like the proper kind. The kind where your happiness depends on theirs. I should probably tell him a bit more often, but I'm not quite sure I'm used to this feeling yet, even though it's been quite a long time now! is 9 months a long time? it's been tough lately, adjusting to new things, but all the best things are hard work sometimes.

The only man in my life that can be hitler for Linzi's moustache birthday party and still make me love him millions, even though I'm very jewish!

Also new house = new rules! New ring of fire rules that is! And some new rules that require me to never touch the volume controls on the tv, apparantly I only know insanely loud and horrificly quiet. Which is fine by me as I never have to get up to change it if the remotes disspeared! mwahahaha! We also have a very loud house, I hear Nate shouting in his sleep constantly, amusing but annoying. Traffic is utter murder! Right outside my bloody window. But on a nicer note, Tish's bed isn't as horribly squeeky as it was which is great news =]. And we won't talk about the incident with the sofa bed...

I get to live with my best friend again though! Which is awesome =D
aaahhh good times.