Sunday, 25 October 2009

New Beginnings.

Starting something new this year, has I think moved me to be slightly more creative. Though being a photography student i should probably already be pretty creative.
I've been thinking lately though, about all the new people I've met within the last month of starting university (I'm going to try and not sound like a typical artsy student type now). It's pretty strange to think that just over a month ago we didn't know each other at all. Also, how if I had of stayed where i was i wouldn't of met them all.
I've also been thinking about what it is about certain people that draws them to each other, I mean we can't like or be liked by everyone. I've never though of myself as a people person, yet now I find myself surrounded by all these people and enjoying being with people! And I think I can honestly say that everyone is pretty brilliant.
Also I'm quite glad that my life seems to be heading in the right direction for once, it seems like I've taken one wrong turn after another in the past year (especially that turn that sent my car ploughing into another). It's been pretty hard but I can't blame myself for everything that happened and sit thinking "why me?" for the rest of my life (which seemed to be my pastime over the summer months, my apologies).
I kind of just hope that I've had my fair share of misfortune for the time being because I'm falling back in love with life in general.
I'd like to be a soppy buggar now and dedicate this to my wonderful nan, who sadly isn't here anymore, but when she was nobody burned brighter.

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  1. That was bloody beautiful..
    and it's nice to see my optimistic best friend again..
    oh how i've missed her..
    i could do with her around since i've swapped and become a little cynical..